CCP Corrosion protective paint

The most important factor in corrosion protective painting is the under coat, but high grade preparation needs to be done to ensure long term endurance (for example sandblasting). This takes time and is very expensive. Our CCP series paints can be used in place which are difficult to properly prepare the under coat or there isn't enough time.

CCP is used in the second and third type of Kernstutze paint stripper. If the rust is very bad, CCP can be used to help stop the spreading of rust. We then use CCP120, which paints on as a thick primer.

CCP 117

This product is possible to use in the second and third type of Kernstutze paint stripper. It totally removes water crystals so it can delay the return of rust. It is a quick drying paint.

CCP 120

This product is thicker than CCP117. It is possible to paint 200μM in one go. It is a long term corrosion protective paint.

  • Gas plant piping

    Situated in a coastal environment, dew condensation easily occurs, which can cause rust.
    Gas plant piping
  • Railway platform roof

    Since the installation schedule was tight, the reduced cleaning work and quick drying was useful.
    Railway platform roof
  • Taro Tourist Hotel

    Transparent coating film CCP-117 is used for earthquake preservation measures
    Taro Tourist Hotel
  • Hachijojima Radio Mast

    This radio mast is on an island so it gets damage by strong wind from the sea. We repaired it with CCP and haven't found any sign of rust for over 3 years.
    Hachijojima Radio Mast