Arbar Corporation

Our business style
Almost all of our product development is initiated at our customer's request. The customer brings their problem to us, we provide our advice, and together we create a unique product solution. This way of working has lead to us developing four original products which were first in Japan. We continue to research and develop ground breaking and innovative products.


Company History

1988  Started researching heavy anticorrosive paints.
          Research of rust primer and adhesive.
          Our products were adopted at a TOKYO top-level meeting.
1989   Developed under water anticorrosive paint, the first production in Japan.
           The product was used at Yokohama Honmaki port.
1990   Developed elastic epoxy resin, the first production in Japan.
           Also started Usage development.
1991   Developed resin primer for various materials. 
           Advanced floor paint department opened.
2000   Started development of road coating material 
2002   We successfully developed the Heat Exchange paint's main ingredients.  
2005   Started "Study group for the creation of heat exchange paint" with 26 companies.